June 22, 2010

I Wish I had Thought of This First

If you are like me, you mourned the loss of Domino. You couldn't fathom how a magazine that you and so many likeminded, inspiration-seeking readers found so compelling could be in enough financial trouble to collapse. I still sigh with longing every time I see The Domino Book of Decorating sitting on my coffee table, knowing that it’s the last official communication I’ll ever have from the brand. Are the days of print publications truly dwindling?? From a non-kindle book reader, non-electronic day planner carrier, and avid magazine fan (who is still very loyal to page turning and bookshelves) – I hope not!

But, if you are like me, you may be both surprised and delighted to know that there are still equally as interesting and inspiring insights (from a former Domino employee no less) currently on the web in the form of the very chic digital magazine Lonny.

No, you cannot physically rip out magazine pages to tuck away in your “someday, maybe” design file, but instead you can enjoy different benefits that only an online publication can provide: zooming in to each photo to admire the ottoman fabric and texture, and perhaps the most intuitive - clicking on a particular item you love and being directly taken to the website where you can buy it! Brilliant!

I came across the news of Lonny by reading Stuart Elliot’s In Advertising New York Times column this week. As someone who works in advertising, this type of online publication is particularly interesting because it’s an advertiser’s dream. And sure enough, all of my favorite online brands are in full participation, many even offering discounts if you click through the ad to their site. What a seamless integration and quality ROI.

It’s a great magazine with tons of content, and it's on the list of yet another thing I really wish I had thought of  first. Kudos to Lonny creators Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline for providing accessible content and inspiring ideas in a form that’s both useful and fun. Check it out! And let me know what you think!