April 18, 2010

Weekend Project - Cabinet Flair

I have been itching to give the backs of my glass cabinets a little face lift for some time now.  Something that would really make the white and green china pop and add a splash of fun to the otherwise mundane routine of putting away dishes.  I thought about painting them a different color, but decided I wanted a little more visual interest.  However, I also knew I didn't want something as fussy to install and as permanent as wallpaper.

Which is why I was very happy to have found this really unique Black and White Paisley paper.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's made in Nepal with fibers from the Lotka plant which means it more textured and durable, than regular paper, almost like wallpaper.  After measuring my cabinets I determined that I needed 6 of the 20" x 30" sheets at $4.95 a piece.  I also invested in some Super Tacky Double-Faced Tape, $4.95 for a six yard roll. 

When the supplies arrived, I was excited to dig in.  What makes this project super simple is that you really only need the paper, the tape, scissors, a tape measure, and your time.

Installation is easy too!  Simply measure, line the back with the double sided tape, and adhere.  Fortunately, only one of my cabinets was wider than the 30" sheet of paper which meant I had to match up the seams of the design side by side.  This was a little tricky, but with dishes stacked in front of it, the seam goes away.  For the others, I just layered pieces vertically on top of each other, making sure that those seams hid behind the shelves. 

When I was finished, I thought the edges could look more finished, so I went out and bought a roll of black grosgrain ribbon for $3.99 and lined the sides.  This covered up the imperfections and gave it a nice clean line. 

I put the dishes back in and presto - a whole new look for under $50 and less than 3 hours! 

I also love that I can easily switch it out if I get sick of it or just want a change of flair.  HAPPY!  Even Winston thought so...

Here are some other ways to add flair to unlikely and otherwise boring places using wallpaper or decorative papers.

China Cabinets


Even up the stairs!

And the same simple "pop" can be achieved using paint in unexpected places.


Kitchen Cabinets

Small Chests and Dressers

And there you have it - super simple and totally worth it.  Now, go out and give your home some flair!  And send me pics!


  1. Hey Lauren!! I'm so excited about your blog! John and I are moving to Lexington, KY next month and I plan to borrow LOTS of your great ideas as we "nest" in to our new home. Hope you and Bryson are doing well!

  2. So good to hear from you! Good luck with the big move. Sounds like you will soon have a nice blank slate for lots of creativity. Send me pictures!

  3. I love this.....it is soo cute Lauren! You have such cute ideas!

  4. I love your cabinet and the Orla Kiely staircase. You have some great ideas, Lauren.