July 15, 2010

Simple, Sweet Shower Ideas

Tis the season for baby showers, or so it seems.  I've had so much fun planning showers this summer for some very adorable and hip parents-to-be.  Seems like there are a million and one ways to make these get togethers elaborate and splashy, but why not some simple home-grown ideas that are budget friendly, easy to do yourself, and still very sweet?  Like the effortless floral arrangements in varying sized mason jars above.  Who needs a florist when you can get a more unique no-frills look that's perfect for a casual at-home shower?

Onesies - these little bitty one-piecers are just so darn cute on their own.  String them on grosgrain ribbon along your mantel, someplace outside, or hang from a tree and your guests will be dreaming of the cute little munchkin that will one day wear them in no time.

Favors - let your guests take home a treat that's as sweet as the baby will be.  Try putting jelly beans or Jordan almonds into different sized bottles and tying festive ribbons on top.  These can be cute for tabletop decor and then guests can take them as they leave.  And who doesn't like Rice Krispie treats?!  We printed a sticker to match the invitation, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and affixed a polka dot bow to make them look like little presents.  Think brownies or cookies or any tasty pastry that you can wrap up with a bow. Find a cute place to display them, and they're instant eye candy too.

Punch - Nothing says shower like a good ol' fashioned punch.  With the plentiful supply of drink dispensers available today, displaying and pouring punch has never been so easy.  This cute idea is courtesy of my friend Brittney.  "Knocked Up" is the non-alcoholic "mama friendly" version and "Knocked Out" is the spiked variety.  Rubber duckies floating inside is like icing on the cake!

So get creative and have fun finding easy ways to add a sweet baby touch to your next shower.  Even the little details will make the moment more special and will get your guests excited about the real reason to celebrate - a wonderful new little bundle of joy that they'll soon get to meet.


  1. I love the knocked up/knocked out punch! And the duckies in the knocked out punch had their eyes exed out-- hilarious!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog, love it! :) Now following!

  3. Thanks, AnaLisa! Welcome. I am getting ready to do a new post soon. : )